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Building Warrent CertifiedBuilding Warrant Certified

Since May 2005 new legislation requires that only properly qualified professionals or Certifiers have the authority to certify work for Building Warrant purposes.

Stewarts Electrical Services are such an Approved Certifier.

Using an Approved Certifier to certify any electrical installation has many benefits (apart from the legal ones!):

  1. It can avoid the possible delays when the job reaches completion and requires verification.
  2. A valid certificate from an Approved Certifier means that the verifier must accept that the electrical installation complies with the building regulations.
  3. Using an Approved Certifier reduces the load on the local authority and results in a small refund of the Building Warrant fee, to the client.
  4. The peace-of-mind knowing that your premises are safe and properly installed.
More information on the benefits of using an Approved Certifier for Building Warrant work is available here.

If you would like further information on how using Stewarts Electrical Services can help with your Building Warrant work, please contact Stewart.